Posted on Jul 12, 2020

Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces - Simply Spicy Stuff

It is said "You eat with your eyes, then your nose, THEN your mouth!"

Like flowers in a beautiful garden, our sauces come in wonderfully vibrant colors from all corners of the country! We also love the colorfully unique labels and art work featured on many of the bottles! They definitely work to grab your attention!

Also like flowers, each sauce has it's own unique scent! We have some that smell sweet, some savory, and some where you can actually smell the Heat!

When it comes to tasting these Capsaicin creations, especially when we get back to having Spicy Saturday Samplings, we have a flavor and heat level for every one of our Utah Chileheads!

Show us your favorite sauces! Let us know why you love it - color, smell, or taste or all three! Also, let us know if you grabbed it from us or of its something we need to look at adding into our Superior Sauce Selection!

With over 650 flavors, we are Utah's Hot Sauce Leader of SSS... Simply Spicy Stuff! Visit our booths in The Quilted Bear - Ogden and pluck some of our specialty sauces for yourself! Take care, have fun, and stay healthy!
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