Posted on Feb 6, 2021

Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces - Simply Spicy Stuff

We know we have some Hank Sauce fans. For you, we added two new flavors, The Linger and Witches Brew! We also restocked some Cilanktro too.

The Linger - "It's not the heat that lingers, but you'll be thinkin' about the flavor ALL day. Juicy, ripe, red Italian long hot peppers take center stage in this mild, yet over the top delicious seasonal favorite. Sure the heat is mild, but the flavor is far from it. The slightly sweet, roasty flavor of the long hots collide with the signature fresh garlic to create a sauce that is perfect for dumping on sandwiches, in pasta sauce, and anything else you can think of..."

Witches Brew - "We’ve all heard of the healing powers of witches and their potent, magical concoctions. While there’s no black magic in this bottle (that we know of) there is loads of flavor waiting to combat any bland food in its path. Jalapeño peppers are added to a cauldron of Cilanktro™ adding an extra magical kick with heaps of antioxidants to help keep you feeling fine and dandy, all while warding off evil spirits. We may have made up the evil spirits part, but the flavor is the truth."

We search from coast to coast to bring the best sauces from around the Country here to Utah! We thank our Hank Sauce fans, and all of our #utahchileheads, for your business!
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