Posted on Jun 3, 2020

Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces - Simply Spicy Stuff

Not really a sauce, the ONE MILLION SHU Capsaicin from Burn Sauces brings you the INSTANT heat level of a Ghost Pepper! To Compare, Jalapeno SHUs (Scoville Heat Units - the spicy heat measurement of peppers) averages 8,000 SHU. An Orange Habanero averages 300K-350K SHU. The Ghost Pepper, Bhut or Naga Jolokia, hits just over the Million Mark!

This extract food additive takes you to The Million ASAP! Use it as a kicker for your favorite sauces or salsa where you love the flavor but want more heat! A DROP or TWO will do! Make two batches of Chili, normal and 5-Alarm for your Chilehead friends! We dare you! Grab an Endorphin Rush and put a drop straight on your tongue! Remember OUR business name and, maybe have a glass - or Gallon - of Milk ready! :D

For most Non-Chileheads, this bottle will last a VERY LONG TIME! Utah Chileheads, see how fast you can make it GO! Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces IS Utah's Hot Sauce Leader! Find YOUR Fiery Favorite with Over 500 Flavors of spicy sauces and salsa!
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