Posted on Jun 23, 2020

Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces - Simply Spicy Stuff

Welcome to the start of Summer and the Farmers Market Ogden 2020 returning to the Historic 25th Street - Ogden, Utah! This makes our 4th year slingin' sauce on the street! This year we are representing a "Best of Utah" awarded local brand that stood WITH BYT during the shutdown - Grandma Sandinos Sicilian Sauce!

While this incredible Italian Garlic Sauce is NOT hot, it is spicy and FULL of fantastic flavor! Using over a dozen Mediterranean herbs & spices, #grandmasandinos goes HEAVY on Garlic! One spice expected but NOT added? Salt! That's right! Its actually Sodium Free! Its also Gluten free, Dairy free, GMO free and several more including HASSLE FREE!

Supermarket sauces are flavored from the first inch DOWN. #GSSS flavors their sauce from the first inch UP! From potatoes to pasta, saute or stir fry, salads to shrimp scampi, bruschetta to great garlic bread, its hard to imagine something where this sauce would not be great!

We thank everyone, from fans of the Farmers Market Ogden, Grandma Sandino's, and Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauces to some new-found friends, that came out to brave the new normal and grabbed their bottle(s) of Great Garlicky Goodness!

If we missed you, we'll look forward to trying again each Saturday for the next 12 weeks or you can grab all of Sandino's Spicy Stuff every day at our BYT booths inside The Quilted Bear - Ogden! Thanks again for your support & business!
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